A Step Back


She used to see everything

in pixels and numbers,

always needing something

from someone,

always competing in a race

within her own mind.


But then she took a step back.


She started seeing the celestial blue sky,

the morning rays that painted her room gold,

and the mocha leaves as they danced with the breeze.


She started seeing smiles

and unspoken words,

spirit and peace

within herself.


She saw that maybe sometimes,

the hardest step to take

but the one we really need,

is a step back.


Rose Quartz


You paint your rosy pink hues

into lives as grey as stormy nights.


You wash doubts away

and with a first aid kit in hand,

you treat the wounds left behind.


There isn’t a need for you to do any of that,

yet you still carry on

for you have once been told

to be kind,

take heart

and give love

whenever you can

for that may just be what someone needs.


Now as you look at the damage done,

you start to wonder,

“Maybe that’s what everyone needs.”



This piece was inspired by the Crystal of Unconditional Love itself, the Rose Quartz. It is said to be the Stone of the Heart that inspires the love of beauty while also dissolving emotional wounds and fears. It embodies compassion, peace and personal contentment.

Page 530


If you are reading this,

I want you to know that

you will be alright.


Life may not always

be picturesque,

but it is still a life

and that is a beauty in itself.


You may have done things

you wished you hadn’t,

but how can one ever learn

without making mistakes.


Your wings may be tattered,

but across the

mesmerizing horizons

you will still soar.


It has only been

a few chapters my dear,

your story

is not over yet.


Keep reading,

for something magical

happens on page 530.

The Door in the Shadows


She sits by the door in the shadows.

A spectrum of light seeps out from it,

hues of emerald, sapphire and amethyst

dance against the walls,

like a crystal underneath the moonlight.


She leans in closer to the door.

A sonorous tune from a piano,

the rhythmic strums of a guitar,

and a staccato beat of the drums,

all orchestrate into an enthralling piece,

one that flutters around her earlobes.


She presses her ear against the door.

Beyond the melody,

she hears voices,

some familiar and some unknown.

She listens as they scream, laugh, cry

and peculiarly harmonise with the ongoing aria.


Her fingertips reach for the cold doorknob.

She gives it a light twist,

but nothing happens,

for it was locked.


One day,

when the time comes,

the door in the shadows will open.

But for now,

the future shall remain a mystery to her.

Deadly Games


The truth is

I can’t lie to you.

You had all the hearts in a flush.

My suits were black in disgust.


I never meant to hurt you.

Still trying not to hurt myself.

I moved the pieces blindly

And left my Queen behind me.


-Blake Dias


My dear,

Your lips speak of love,

as though it’s nothing,

but a game.


It daunts me,

for I know the rules.

One will triumph,

and the other will lose.


But won’t you please take a bow,

for it is my turn now,

and this die I will roll,

into a future bewitchingly unknown.





This piece is a collaboration between Blake Dias and myself. Read more and keep in touch with Blake over at http://www.internationaldexterity.com/.